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Renting a Storage Unit - Our office (located at 160 Pinehurst Avenue) is open 5 days per week but our units can be rented anytime day or night by using our Rental Kiosk located in our P.A.S.S. lobby. Simply use the touch screen to select a unit size and pay with cash, check or credit card (kiosk does not dispense change). The lock and key will be dispensed from the kiosk for immediate access to the unit.

Making a Payment - This kiosk can also be used to make your monthly payments. You will need to type in your Unit # and Last Name to bring up the ammount due on your account. You can then use cash, check or credit card to make your payment (if using cash this kiosk does not dispense change). A reciept will be dispensed near the bottom of the kiosk for your records.